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VIDEO: Felipe Melo Sent Off For Crazy Kung-Fu Kick To The Head (Juventus - Parma)

Felipe Melo produced another moment of madness this afternoon to add to his general perception of being a bit of a nutter. (Relive his World Cup 2010 sending off v Spain here.)

Just 17 minutes into the early Serie A match between Juventus and Parma today, the Brazilian midfielder took a kung fu swipe to the head of Parma defender Massimo Paci whilst prone on the ground.

The petulant foul and quite disgraceful attack on the Parma number 24, immediately evoked memories of Nigel De Jong's infamous kung fu kick on Xabi Alonso in the World Cup final of 2010 and if anything was a whole lot worse.

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karim4242d ago

So this S***head hasn't learned anything from his sending off at the WC ? Should be banned for lots of months.

zico4242d ago

Stupid! Juve should also banned him!

MasterGuru4241d ago

Yeah, I know! He did it on purpose!

Maradona4242d ago

hmm, not a good thing to do. He should get 3 matches and a club fined. Things happen, he will take his punishment and be ready again.

MasterGuru4241d ago

He should be sanctioned from playing football for a whole year!