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Barca hits jackpot

[2010 WORLD CUP] For the first time, FIFA reimbursed clubs for the use of their players during the World Cup, handing out $40 million to clubs whose players took part in last year’s World Cup.

The biggest payout of $866,267 went to Barcelona, followed by Bayern Munich ($778,667) Chelsea ($762,667), Liverpool ($695,600) and Real Madrid ($678,133).

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MasterGuru4413d ago

800 thousand is nothing anyway to Barca.

God_Of_Epicness4413d ago

More like a day.

They revealed that their revenue was like 400 million Euros ++ so that must have meant that they were earning about 1.3 million a day.

MasterGuru4413d ago

C'mon now. We don't need to be very precise with these things.