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Xavi: “It is a privilege to defend the colours of Barca”

Midfielder Xavi Hernandez who, in San Mames on Wednesday, became the most capped player for FC Barcelona [550 matches], had sworn his eternal love to the club in yesterday’s meet the press session: “For me, to defend the Barca shirt is everything and I cannot see myself defending any other. It is the club of my life. I feel privileged and honoured to be here, and it means everything to me.”

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MasterGuru4937d ago

It is a privilege watching you play, sir.

God_Of_Epicness4937d ago

I like Xavi. Very smart, very humble. I hope he can play until he ends his contract in 2014.

MasterGuru4937d ago

I hope he plays until he's 36. I want him to be sorta like Ryan Giggs.

rafay4937d ago

But only more like Scholes. Iniesta can be the Giggs...

Hapoel4937d ago

He works like a horse on the field. Don't think he will survive until 36 tbh.

MasterGuru4937d ago

Iniesta is injury prone. Don't think he'll survive until he's very old like Giggs.

God_Of_Epicness4936d ago

Iniesta has shown improvement ever since the World Cup. He's not injured easily anymore. He's been injury free for 8 months now. Stop reiterating about his proneness to injuries.

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Hapoel4936d ago (Edited 4936d ago )

1996 - the last time Xavi was tackled.... He is truly amazing, pass pass pass pass pass.... turn.... pass pass pass pass.. what a ledge!

We need more players like him produced! Those who do not depend on speed or physique but solely on precision and technique.

Xavi, a legend.

MasterGuru4936d ago (Edited 4936d ago )

Just to prove you wrong:

The guy that in that video is none other than Sergi Busquets (his own teammate) who mistakenly tackled him (Xavi).

God_Of_Epicness4936d ago

He wanted to make a point for Christ's sake! Why do you have to take every word seriously?