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Premier League: Why the EPL Is More Competitive Than La Liga

Ahhh, the Premier League. With its abundance of stars and the great teams that there are in the English game, is the EPL the most competitive league in the world? In this day and age, the two most prominent and most attractive leagues are La Liga in Spain and the EPL. However, this article is not about which league is the best, nor which is the most entertaining, but rather how rigorous it is for the best sides in the EPL to compete with the rest of the teams, as compared to La Liga

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rafay4235d ago

Somehow I have a feeling, MG didn't post this...

MasterGuru4235d ago (Edited 4235d ago )


I didn't!

The writer said it was more competitive not tougher or better. La Liga is still filled with the best players in the world.


And I read an article on BleacherReport on WAGs. It was filled with WAGs dating football players from Spain. From Malena Costa to Irina Shayk! Another reason for you to like Spain's La Liga better than England's Premier League!

TheJack4235d ago

I did, but I don't agree:-)

rafay4235d ago

More competitive or better, I don't know, but it is more entertaining! You can watch a game between Blackburn and West Brom and enjoy. That does not happen anywhere else.

Plusss, there is football on Boxing Day...

TheJack4235d ago

Well I enjoy watching Almeria against Sporting :-)

MasterGuru4235d ago

I enjoy watching Real (I always hope I see them losing, never happens frequently enough though), Atletico, Villareal, Valencia, Sevilla and Barca.

These 6 top teams in La Liga are very entertaining except for Real Madrid cos they always win (It ruins my day every time they do).

karim4235d ago

EPL,Serie A,Bundesliga are more competitive than La Liga even a blind man would know that.
Where else in the world you can:
Enjoy a match between Newcastle - Sunderland
West Brom - Wolves
Tottenham - Everton
And where else in the world can you be entertained like :
Chelsea 3-3 Aston Villa (Most dramatic match 2011 :P)
Everton 3-3 Manchester Unites (TWO INJURY TIME GOAL TO SEAL A COMEBACK).EPL most competitive and entertaining league in the world (btw I'm not a premface)

MasterGuru4235d ago

Where else in the world can you watch Barca and Real? Btw, Atletico, Sevilla, Villareal and Valencia is underrated.

karim4235d ago

Sevilla and Valencia AREN'T entertainers Atletico and Villareal are.
And really ? you wait like 4 months to watch a decent game...that will propably end one sided (6-2 5-0 2-0 1-0...) El Classico has lost its spark.

rafay4235d ago

There are two teams worth watching in the La Liga. And I don't think Atletico, Sevilla, Villarreal and Valencia are not under-rated. See their results from the European competitions as proof of this...

MasterGuru4235d ago (Edited 4235d ago )


What I mean by underrated is they are always thrown out of the case when in discussions between the two leagues.

Guess who won the last 5 Europa League trophies?

If I'm right, Sevilla won it twice while Atletico won it last year.

The English? I don't know.

karim4235d ago

Who cares who won it ?
I support Atletico in La Liga and I like how they play.
But the winners of Europa League doesn't matter it's the matter of the way they play.

RedDevils4234d ago (Edited 4234d ago )

Why the hell you keep bringing who won something, the topic is about which league is more entertaining or more competitive, beside there are more PL teams winning CL than the La Liga

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FootballZilla4235d ago

you got to watch the La Liga Did you villareal vs valencia best match this year valencia was winning 2-0 first half playing away second half with 4 minutes it was 2-2 the villareal got an other two goals class game, i hate when people say you can only watch a game like West Ham vs Tottenham(Example) in the EPL, if people actually watched other teams from la liga than you would say the but people only watch the top 2 :/

FootballZilla4235d ago

El Classico has lost its spark lol why?

karim4234d ago

Look at the results:
~Barcelona 5-0 Real Madrid (Real played like a rugby game)
~Real Madrid 0-2 Barcelona (Barca owned them)
~Barcelona 1-0 Real (Both played well but Ibra was the saviour)
~Real Madrid 2-6 Barcelona (No need to explain)