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Hodgson leaves Liverpool FC

Liverpool FC confirmed today that manager Roy Hodgson has left the club by mutual consent.

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Arild3820d ago

"by mutual consent"...

RedDevils3820d ago

Sacked!, quit is just to save face

Mozilla893820d ago

Yeah, I agree. I think he wanted to get money and buy in the transfer window to mold the team to his liking.

Maradona3820d ago

They had to do it, but I dont think the results will be any better the next 6 mounths.

Mendieta3820d ago

YES! Sorry Hodgson you belong withe teams ho is further down in the serial system.

BjornarO3820d ago

No way. He is a much better manager than that. You have seen what he did in other clubs.

Mendieta3820d ago

The only thing he can are defend himself, he has no idea how to measure scooring goals. And that should we expect of a team like Liverpool

Arild3820d ago (Edited 3820d ago )

We have, but it is clear that he was not ready for this big of a challenge. Thinking that Poulsen and Konchesky would bring something to the squad are two examples of this. Playing defensive football in a smaller club might be his arena, but going out like that with a club that should run over smaller clubs is clearly not the right strategy. Dont know if Kenny is the answers to the problems, but at least it can´t get any worse!

KingsCross3820d ago

Fulham? Viking? This is his first time in a big club, and he failed!

RedDevils3819d ago

@KingsCross this is not his first time at the big club look at his CV or profile first dude

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The story is too old to be commented.