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Gonzalo Higuain thanks Real Madrid for support but forgets to mention Jose Mourinho

Gonzalo Higuain thanked everyone apart from Jose Mourinho for the support he has received during his Real Madrid injury woes.

Higuain flew out to Chicago on Saturday to undergo surgery on a herniated disc in his back, and while he offered words of comfort, there was no mention of Mourinho.

Reports claim Higuain is annoyed with the coach after he suggested that the striker was convinced not to have the surgery earlier.

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MasterGuru4236d ago

Big deal. He forgot to mention Mourinho's name. is pathetic to be honest.

karim4236d ago

Seriously ? is indeed crap.

FootballZilla4235d ago

80% of the news in this site are form that site sooo stfu.

karim4235d ago

Your comment made me smh...are you a guardian of ?