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Liverpool Had to Remove Roy Hodgson, But Is Kenny Dalglish Really The Answer?

As a student and gentleman of the game of football—though some of his recent actions may not have given that appearance—it will probably not take long for Roy Hodgson to accept that Liverpool had to end their association.

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no_more_heroes4230d ago

It's certainly the romantic answer.

sokrates4230d ago

I guess Dalglish has evrything to loose by managing Liverpool now. The whole club is free falling Down- and I am afraid he will loose his status as a respected living legend in the club.

no_more_heroes4230d ago

Agree. He's had success with them before as a sort of player manager, but like you said, I think Liverpool really are in decline and would be surprised if he could turn them around anytime soon. Hodgson never got the time to do so, hopefully Dalglish will.

karim4230d ago

The fans wanted him....and we will see with the results.

KingsCross4230d ago (Edited 4230d ago )

Never listen to the fans:) They are even worse than the Liverpool administration... Liverpool will never walk alone... two more teams will walk with them to the championship next season.

karim4230d ago

Haha but Kenny is a "decent" manager.