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FA Cup : Manchester United 1-0 Liverpool Match Highlights

1-0 Ryan Giggs 2' (PK)

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cozmo1953751d ago

Berbatov fucking dived...

sokrates3751d ago

I am afraid you are right. I love to win against Liverpool, but it has to be fair play. This was no good.

cozmo1953751d ago

I'm a liverpool supporter
i don't hate manu
i respect them, when we play against them it's a good match to watch but this dive right from the start ruined it

karim3751d ago

Disgraceful dive from Berba..
Liverpool played well with 10men

ad4mb3750d ago

lol, he shouldnt have. But name one striker that wouldnt have.

ad4mb3750d ago

dont be silly, oh and you mention henry about cheating? haha.

karim3750d ago

The only one I know is none other than Messi.

RedDevils3751d ago

Just Poor, I can't believe he dived, and it should not been a Penalty, although the red card to Stev. G is spot on, a studs, two foots off the ground straight red no question

karim3751d ago

I like your honesty.
It wasn't a pen and should have been yelow for Berba.
Giggs was excellent today but the score was unfair for Liverpool.

Maradona3751d ago

Agree. He got some red cards upon the years against united. He has a killer intstinct everytime they meet, and often he looses his head. Another thing, is that united too often get easy penalties on old Trafford.

rafay3750d ago

Agreed.. And United do get too many biased decisions at Old Trafford!

TheJack3751d ago

I didnt think Berba could sink that low. He has lost all respect.

rafay3750d ago

Everyone will forget about it in a couple of weeks.

RufustheKing3751d ago (Edited 3751d ago )

TBH the game rewards players for falling over in the box. there is no team, i know of that their players wouldn't do what Berba did. that red was right and another s**e performace from Man u, but a win none the less.

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