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Arsene Wenger Showed He's the World's Best Manager by Not Substituting Arshavin

The date December 6, 2008 is a dark day in the Arsenal football club's history. It wasn't the day a shock loss occurred, nor the date a club legend departed or perished. No, it's the day Arsenal beat Wigan 1-0 at the Emirates.

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RedDevils4230d ago

I wonder why this opinion Sites keep been posted here, it getting really boring

RedDevils4230d ago (Edited 4230d ago )

It's just my opinion really, cause I think it just base on people opinion and I think it not so important, I even think is much more better than bleacherreport cause they actually bring actual news or site like Imscouting are much more informative, but who care You can post it, I'm fine with it, it just that I get bore seeing it more than all other site put together :P

karim4230d ago

I was the first one who posted an article from there and then "everyone" started to post form there but I am not annoyed.

karim4230d ago

At first,I thought this didn't make sense then I knew what was it about and I thouht Wenger was a genius,It would have killed Andrei