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LIVE STREAM: FIFA Ballon d'Or Gala 2010

With the entrées out of the way, at 19.00 the stage will finally be set for the main course – the FIFA Ballon d’Or Gala, which will be streamed live on In addition to the titles mentioned above, a whole host of further honours will be bestowed, not least the FIFA Presidential Award and FIFA Fair Play Award, while the FIFA FIFPro World XI will reveal the year’s 11 best players as voted by their peers and the FIFA Puskas Prize will reward the scorer of the finest goal of 2010 according to users.


Live Stream and the show has ended. However, you can still Re-live the FIFA Ballon d'Or Gala 2010.

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The Hunter4236d ago

Hope Iniesta will win the FIFA Ballon d'Or 2010 !! Watching right now..

karim4236d ago

Xavi for the ballon d'or !
Hope Matty Burrows wins goal of the season.

MasterGuru4236d ago

I've said it before and I'mma say it again. HE IS THE BEST THIS GENERATION. All you haters can go shove your as$es to his face!

karim4236d ago

So now you're trying to copy Ke$ha and add a "$" !
Well there is also Zidane,Ronaldo, d also Rivaldo who were unplayable at their primes.

MasterGuru4235d ago

Ronaldo, Zidane and Rivaldo were from the 90s. By 2002, Zidane was no longer the player he was in his prime. Rivaldo was good when he played at Barca and that ended somewhere around 2001. Ronaldo Nazario was not great anymore after 2004. Ronaldinho is not as good as Messi. Stats prove so.

RedDevils4235d ago

WTF wrong with you, you act like those moron who talk once he get something he wishes for lol

MasterGuru4235d ago (Edited 4235d ago )

I did get something I wished for! Messi is the best this generation. That was what I wished for...

RedDevils4235d ago

But you gotta calm down, no need to act like douche

MasterGuru4234d ago

I can't stand it when Premfaces moan... Sorry..

kulka4234d ago

Xavi was better last year he should have won