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Ballon d'Or 2010: Lionel Messi Wins Prize For World's Best Player

Lionel Messi of FC Barcelona and Argentina has won the inaugural FIFA Ballon d'Or award for the best player of 2010.

This sees the Argentine retain the award for the footballer of the year: last year he was the undisputed winner of the FIFA World Player of the Year award and the Ballon d'Or prize, which have this year merged into one single title.

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MasterGuru4937d ago

Scream all you want. Messi is embodied in the history of football as one of the greatest players to have ever played. Contrary to popular belief, he did not have a bad World Cup. Talk all you want, he had 5 assists.

zico4937d ago

Yes, it was no doubt: Best player 2010, and he will become the best player 2011 as well. I hope he will win the WC with Argentina once, then he will be in the range of the best players ever!

ohahCantona4937d ago

Ronaldo will give him fight for this season (2011). Scored 22 of Reals 46 goals in the league + many assist. He IS Real right now!

And by the way: "Best player ever": If/when HE wins the WC with Portugal he could be the best ever....

God_Of_Epicness4937d ago


I am confused that you're a bit confused. We are talking about messi not ronaldo....

Btw, Ronaldo now has 30 goals in all competitions. 2 more than Lionel Messi.

But it has to be said, Messi has 17 assists in all competitions while Ronaldo has around 7 or 8...

So Messi is doing better at the moment...

God_Of_Epicness4937d ago

Ronaldo won't be the best player ever even if he wins the World Cup. You need to be the best in club level as well, which is not what Ronaldo has secured yet as Messi is clearly sparkling the most right now with Barca.

But we will see. For Ronaldo to become the best ever is really difficult. Because pundits don't expect that from him. He can't even dribble past 2 or 3 players with his dumb stepovers. Messi dribbles past 3 or 4 players on a daily basis!


ohahCantona4937d ago


I see you are Chelsea fan = you have never liked Ronaldo. I did not say that Messi wasn`t good. He is brilliant! I can see that with my ManU eyes....but the way Ronaldo is playing now is marvelous. No one can ever stop him.

Messi is also playing for a better team right now. I think Ronaldo had to do it more by him-selves than Messi had to to score goals.

Last year (2010) Messi > Ronaldo
Right now Messi = Ronaldo

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TruthBTold4937d ago

Maybe next year CR will win but Messi overall is just a better player. CR is not able to do much pass his dribbling againts one oponent to shake them off as well as usually falls quickly when more than one mark has him. Messi on the other hand can dribble past more players, take hits and still dominate. So messi over CR in 2010. And CR is stoppable, at least barca didn't let him do anything on their last faceoff.

KingsCross4937d ago

Its true. CR/ has to develop more qualities to get better than Messi. He might start in his mind:) I admire him anyway.

Sahil4937d ago (Edited 4937d ago )

In a class of it's own, winning two Ballon D'or describes it.

Wish I could see ronaldo's face :)

MasterGuru4937d ago

He greeted Messi while on the stage. Looked normal but I know that in his heart, he sees Messi as a threat. I'm sure of it.

ad4mb4937d ago

And im sure messi sees ronaldo as a threat. All top class players are like this.

FootballZilla4937d ago

I have to say messi wasnt even in my top 3 for last year i was expecting xavi i mean come on, what as he got to do to win it :(

God_Of_Epicness4937d ago (Edited 4937d ago )

Your top 3 doesn't matter, does it?

FootballZilla4937d ago

No it dosent oviously. My opinion

karim4937d ago

Xavi (and Sneijder) should have won it.
Well,at least Iniesta didn't win it would have been a silly silly choice.

FootballZilla4937d ago

Xavi and Sneijder were incredible last year.
Just because he scored a goal in the wc final iniesta in in top 3 .

Xavi knows that its imposible for him to win now.

God_Of_Epicness4937d ago

Yes I agree. iniesta doesn't deserve to be in there but Messi deserves to win.

btw, Why didnt they announce second and third place??

Anyways.. Im happy Messi won... Love both Xavi and Iniesta but feel there is no player that opponents fear more than Messi.

If I were to vote, I would ask myself the question, "Which player do I fear playing against most, because of his devastating abilities?".. And the answer would probably be Messi..

Not that I would look forward to playing against Iniesta or Xavi for that matter. As a fan I would love it but not as an opposition player just hoping to win.

karim4937d ago

But who is the guy who runs Barca's engine and give the ball to player like Messi to score
ANSWER : Xaavi

Rage_S904937d ago

xavi and iniesta for me but messi isn't a bad winner

karim4937d ago

Iniesta was only elected because of the goal in the WC final.I admit that he was awesome in the WC but at club level he was injured most of the season.

FootballZilla4937d ago

This year is a really good fight between Messi and Ronaldo who ever wins the league will get it i think
Ronaldo man to beat this year i think.

Rage_S904937d ago

oh please god don't let him win i can't even imagine how much bigger his head will be, the earth might actually tilt :S

KingsCross4937d ago

I guess he has reached his limit:) If hes getting higher, hell start flying.

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