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Messi Is Great But Last Year There Were Players More Deserving Of The Ballon d'Or - Jose Mourinho

Real Madrid coach Jose Mourinho has stated that while he holds Barcelona's Ballon d'Or winner Lionel Messi in very high regard, he would have prefered another player to scoop the award.

Messi became one of a rare breed by winning the award two years in a row, after pipping Barcelona team-mates Xavi and Andres Iniesta to the finishing line.

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karim4231d ago

"I would have chosen Xavi,Sneijder Or Milito"
I agree Messi is a good choice but the 3 above all deserved to be winners.

FootballZilla4231d ago

what about forlan ?

Won europa league and dragged Uruguay to wc playoffs.

sokrates4231d ago

I support Forlan. He has been the key and taken his team and national team to big results by his own. Amazing player.

karim4231d ago

Amazing player...Yes I know but those 3 above are also terrific.

zico4231d ago

And Sneijder scored 5 goals in WC, second place with Holland, and winning Serie A,the Italain Cup and CL with Inter.

That is bigger than Forlan did...

rafay4230d ago

But if you are in the opposition, you would fear Messi the most.

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cleanhealthy124231d ago

what does the golden ball mean? that the player who receives it is the best.

who is the best?

not sneijder, not forlan not milito

Leio4231d ago

Yepp a very prestigious price voted mostly by a handful group of journalists from "The Sun" and "Daily Fail"... etc. But sure you can make it your definite truth. I read news but i dont always agreed with them.

I think Milito and Sneijder is just fine with their CL trophies and so is Forlan :)

Mozilla894231d ago

Well since its awarded yearly, I see it as who has been best over the past year. And I'd have to say Sneijder and Forlan have achieved a lot over the last year.

I'm not sure I think Messi should have won it, probably would have given to Ineista or Sneijder.

karim4230d ago

Messi IS the best
But last season he wasn't the best.

pwneddemocrat4231d ago

Although i support Barca and cheer for Messi
the 3 nominees should have been Sneijder, Xavi and Forlan
and the award goes to Sneijder, he did an amazing job with Inter and in the WC

anyways, another award to brag about when getting into mad arguments about who's better

sagapo4230d ago

Well, maybe Xavi or Iniesta would be nicer, with the fact that Messi won last year.

karim4230d ago

Xavi yes.
Iniesta silly choice.