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230°'s Twitter Round-Up: What The Footballers Are Saying Today rounds up some of the interesting things that are being said on Twitter...

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The Hunter4936d ago

"Don't change your status, like 500 times a day. It's not cool! it would just let everyone know how lifeless you are."

Haha, hilarious..

karim4935d ago

I'm following Fabregas,Malouda,Drogba (Don't know if it's his real account),Anelka and some Chelsea youngsters....And Nasri,Van Persi,Stu Holden,Donovan,Rio ferdinand and Jack Wilshere.

Rio Ferdinand tweets the most and he's also very funny.
Oh and Arsenal's keeper Sczeny (if spelled liked this) is the best...He tweets the most controversial things (alongside Babel).
That's why I signed up for twitter in the first place.
Favorite football tweets :
~Wojicieh Sczeny comments about how united "always" get their decisions.
~Babel Putting a pic of Webb in a United shirt.
~Twitwar between Ferdinand and Savage.
And many many more..