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Chelsea Prepare £15m Bid for Perfect Frank Lampard Replacement

20 year old Miralem Pjanic is considered by many to be one of the hottest prospects in Europe and the attack minded midfielder may well be the man Carlo Ancelotti is after to take on Frank Lampard’s mantle as a pivotal part of the Blues long term plans.

The Bosnian international is in his third season at Lyon and last term was a crucial part of the team’s run to the Champions League semi-finals and there are many sides reportedly interested in nabbing him from the Ligue 1 side.

The Stamford Bridge club has reportedly been tracking the youngster’s progress and now Chelsea may be prepared to reignite their interest in Pjanic, not least because the club is clearly in something of a mini-crisis at present.

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karim4940d ago

Good buy (IMO)
He's very talented and has an eye for the goal and 15M is a bargain.

zico4940d ago

He is, but it`s a high pressure to be a "Lampard Replacement". No one can replace him!

rafay4940d ago

Yeah but right now even winning one game would be good for Chelsea!

Good buy for me.

karim4939d ago

That's true,there will be "no next Frank Lampard" but it could ease the pressure on frank when he's injured.

RedDevils4939d ago

He doesn't look physical, if he want to play for Chelsea need to bulk up

karim4939d ago

Chelsea can develop physical players :
Josh McEachran if you look at his slim body you would just say WTF he can't play in the EPL he's too small but from what I've seen he's a very vey physical player the same goes to Essien,Mikel and now our "delightfully improved" Ramires.

rafay4939d ago

They need a creative player. He's not going to play a holding midfield role. He's fine as he is. Doesn't need to bulk up!

Sahil4939d ago (Edited 4939d ago )

saw him last year in the champions league against madrid, he was quite good in midfield.

Anderson84939d ago

he's a good player.. four more like him and you may have a decent squad again

karim4939d ago

Yeah!! Buying FOUR playmakers would make us a really good squad *rolls eyes*

Anderson84939d ago

....4 more YOUNG quality players

..although with your league form you may need four playmakers to grab you a win

karim4938d ago

@Anderson8 I sadly agree,we lack attacking creativity.

HOSe4938d ago

chelsea isn't arsenal