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Liverpool's Ryan Babel Accepts Charge For Twitter Remarks Following Manchester United Defeat

Liverpool's Ryan Babel has admitted a charge of improper conduct for his remarks on Twitter after the FA Cup clash against Manchester United at Old Trafford.

Babel posted a remark about referee Howard Webb's performance in the match and a mock picture of the World Cup final official in a Manchester United shirt.

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The Hunter4406d ago

Ridiculous!! Freedom of speak.. It cant anymore and it should be tolerated..

karim4406d ago

he apologized WTF English FA
Even the PFA Boss said "where has our sense of humour gone"

Sahil4406d ago

Their sense of humor is seriously gone!

zico4406d ago

@The Hunter: "Freedom to speak":
I think he did something wrong. A supporter can speak free, but players and managers should know they are in a special possession. And special when ridicule the referees they should get punish.