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10 English Football Prospects to Get Excited About

Adam Clery Writes: Let's face it, it was a grim 2010 for England, and Jay Bothroyd definitely isn't the answer. So let me heap unnecessary pressure on ten tyros who could define the shape of the England team for years to come.

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karim3814d ago

Not surprised that Josh McEachran is the 2nd most exciting english player ;)

BUT 15 year old Nathaniel Chalobah (who btw just turned 16) kind of amazed me. I heard high praises of the lad he 1st trained with the team at the age of FOURTEEN and broke to the reserves at just 15...Today he opened the deadlock in a Chelsea FA Youth Cup tournament against Sunderland with a Backheel...And he brilliantly cleared the ball on the line at Injury time.

For a team like Chelsea who haven't produced lots of youngsters that's pretty impressive.

rafay3814d ago

Notice how a player like Jack Wilshire is not a prospect anymore! lol.

karim3813d ago

Jack Wilshere is a revelation so !!

rafay3813d ago

My point was that he is an established player at such a young age, and not a prospect anymore.

no_more_heroes3813d ago

I just hope he doesn't get pressured too much too soon. He just turned 19 on New Year's Day FFS.

karim3813d ago

@G_C Yeah I know hope ppl won't over-hype him and turn him into a washed--up player.

karim3813d ago

Weird that Jack Rodwell wasn't even mentionned.

rafay3813d ago

He hasn't played a lot recently has he? But yes one of the best young players around.

That goal he scored against ManU was amazing!

karim3813d ago

It was like after 2/3 mins he came he scored THAT goal!

rafay3812d ago

Yeah! That was something!

no_more_heroes3813d ago

What England need to do is stop heaping so much pressure on their players. You're not the best team in the World (far from it) and you're not obligated to be so, whether you invented the sport or not.