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Highlights: Real Madrid 3-1 Atlético Madrid (Copa Del Rey Quarter Final First Leg - 1/13/11)

0-1 Forlan 7'
1-1 Ramos 14'
2-1 Ronaldo 61'
3-1 Ozil 90'

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no_more_heroes4939d ago

I see what you're talkin' about MasterGuru

MasterGuru4938d ago

Did they dive again? I heard from my friends at totalBarca that Di Maria tried to.

They got a penalty, right?

I'm gonna watch the highlights now.

no_more_heroes4938d ago

AND there was a foul right in front of the referee which he didn't give. Literally right in front of him

MasterGuru4938d ago (Edited 4938d ago )

It's always the same story when it comes to Real Madrid. I can't stand watching them. They're exciting but when you're a Barca fan like me, it's best not to watch them games (I always watch them though).

Ramos' goal was a foul. Di Maria's dive is awful.

Di Maria and Ronaldo are the biggest divers in the game. Wonder why the other (Di Maria) is still not called out for it yet.

That goblin is really annoying!

And referees are always giving Real penalties!

Penalty count in all competitions:

for RM: 8
for Barca:3