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No More Chances – Laurent Koscielny, Denilson And Nicklas Bendtner Aren't Good Enough

Nowhere left to hide: Flops are edging their way out of Wenger’s plans.

“We had a number of chances," claimed Arsene Wenger after Arsenal’s 1-0 defeat to Ipswich Town, a side ranked 36 places below them in the Football League. The harsh truth is they did not, but many of their starting line-up have – and it’s time the Gunners’ chief admits defeat and shifts the deadwood from the Emirates.

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no_more_heroes4228d ago

Alex Song was once dead weight as well but now he's as important as Fabregas. HOWEVER, they're right in saying that those mentioned aren't good enough to be depended on NOW, but I won't say they won't EVER be good enough.

rafay4228d ago

Bendtner won't be. And Denilson has been given too many chances hasn't he?

The only player who can be given more chances is Koscielny.

karim4228d ago

Koscielny just moved to a new physical league,give him time he will improve..Look at how Ramires improved since he came to Chelsea.

crazyturkey4228d ago (Edited 4228d ago )

Lol, There's no way in hell that Wenger will admit to his mistakes in choosing players. He has done so much with less resources than many top managers in top teams and his teams can still be competitive. I doubt that there are many people who can talk to Wenger about finding good players for cheap.
Now on to the players. Arshavin seems to be lacking motivation most of the time, he needs a break to see if he can regain it. Denilson his biggest problem IMO is that he can't deal with 1on1 situations, but it seems he is the only one willing to shoot instead of passing all the time. Bendtner probably suffers because Arsenal never changes their playing style and their crosses to the box are not that great either so he can't use his biggest advantage. Finally Koscielny just joined the team and is a new league for him so, he just needs more time.

rafay4228d ago

Bendtner just does not have the quality you need to play in the Arsenal team. If he goes to a team like Everton who play the classic long ball and crossing game then I think he'll do good!

Agree on Koscielny, but Denilson again is not Arsenal quality.

zeddy20104228d ago

denilson epecially he was good as a teenager but he hasnt progressed at all.

rafay4227d ago

He's getting worse! Looks like the harder he tries the worse he ends up playing!

Nightfallen4228d ago

Koscielny has been doing a lot better lately.