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FC Barcelona: Top 10 Best Matches Under Pep Guardiola (With Video Highlights)

Issac Assante Writes: When we speak of the top 10 best matches of FC Barcelona under Pep Guardiola, it is acceptable to refer to the hottest and most entertaining games in which Barca have played under the leadership of their young coach.

However, this is actually not the main point of this article, as we simply focus on the best games of the Blaugrana which ended profitably from their point of view. In the next slides, through video highlights, we take a look at their most thrilling matches which ended in their favor.

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karim4930d ago

RM 2-4 Barca is the most memorable !

MasterGuru4929d ago

You mean 2-6?

5-0 is 10X better!

karim4929d ago

Yeah 2-6 (My bad)
I chose it as the most memorable because it was Guaardiola's debut season but 5-0 is as much sweet.

rafay4929d ago

This year's Barca vs RM is my top.

Mozilla894929d ago

Sigh...I hate remembering that 1-1 draw with of the most heartbreaking matches I've seen.