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Highlights: Inter Milan 4-1 Bologna (Italian Serie A - 15/1/11)

1-0 Stankovic 20'
2-0 Milito 30'
3-0 Eto'o 63'
4-0 Eto'o 72'
4-1 Gimenez 77'

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zico4226d ago

agree, back on track! I like that Eto'o shines again. Maybe it`s gonna be a battle against the two Milan teams this year. Didn`t believe that for about 3 weeks ago...

karim4226d ago

Benitez like he did with Liverpool completely destroyed them...Thank god Leonardo is such fine coach.

moha104226d ago

Inter has got a lot of injured players back again, and Eto`o is one of them. He showed today that he is a important and good player.