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moha104926d ago

Great 1st half for Liverpool. I`m optimistic about the future! Was unlucky today they didn`t get 3 points!

zico4926d ago

agree with you MoHa. But why changing Agger after 1st half? I saw a lot of positiv things today.

3points next match

zico4926d ago

didn`t know that. He is a good player. Don`t think Roy liked him but this was the first change Daglish did: Agger in!

And Torres today was good! Really unlucky he didn`t score in the 1st half, hitting the post.

FootballZilla4925d ago

Meireles was really good today, so was lucas.

freeduck4925d ago

We should've won. The lineup and subs were poor. Why is Johnson LB and not Aurelio? Why was Kyrgiakos a sub? Why didn't Kenny put Pacheco instead of Shelvey?

zico4925d ago

Kyrgiakos was sub because he is a lousy footballplayer. I hope he must go, we don`t need him! Pacheco played good today. Plays with his heart, and for the club!

zico4925d ago

I felt magic today when the public was singing "you`ll never walk alone" before the match, Daglish back on Anfield with his manager coat. got goosebumps all over the body. Wanted to be there seeing it Live!

Hope the owners give him money to buy for! I'm optimistic for the future

cozmo1954925d ago

we are getting back
2-2 with everton not bad since our previous performances
i only see good things in our future now

zico4925d ago

yes, and next match are Gerrard back. Soon Carriger will be back injury free, and hopefully something soon happens on the transfer marked

cozmo1954925d ago

i think king kenny has brought a little more spirit into the liverpool squad, i reckon we would of lost under roy

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