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Champions League 2011: Can Arsenal Beat Barcelona at the Camp Nou?

Barcelona and Arsenal will face in the Champions League for the second straight campaign, and it will feature some of the greatest players in the world, and the peak of their careers.

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FootballZilla4225d ago

Im hoping for a solid match up.

zico4225d ago

In a doubles match, anything can happen. Both teams play great attacking football. so it can not be otherwise than a great entertainment.

moha104225d ago

I think Barca will win in a double match. Can not imagine any team can beat Barca this year. Do not think I've seen a more complete team ever.

godspower4225d ago

God knows that barcelona will disgrace arsenal..... with messi all things are possible

KingsCross4225d ago

I am pretty sure you are right on this one. Barca will run over them.

Maradona4225d ago

Will run over them. Thats to offensive i think. Arsenal is a top european team and Barca will not run over them. But in the end, i hope Barca take it.

Maradona4225d ago

Messi can do a lot. But you remember last time they meet? Barca were lucky.

Maradona4225d ago

I like Barca very much, but i think this is a total open match. Barca is the strongest team on the paper. But if Arsenal play on their best level, they have a really good chance.