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17-01-2011 - Atletico Madrid 3-0 Mallorca - Highlights

Valera J. - 13'
Forlan D. - 34'
Reyes J. A. - 80'

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donb4935d ago

I enjoy watching Barca and Real, but I really hope there is gonna be more teams fighting for the top 2 position. Atl. Madrid is one of them. Forlan can do magic!

zico4934d ago

Right now: It`s only two teams fighting for the title in Spain. Valencia and Atl Madrid are good but still it`s far away from Barca and Real.

I don`t think the possision Real and Barca have in Spain is good for the league. Everybody knows taht there is no change for other teams. It`s not like that in England, Germany, France or Italy; Leagues that you can compare with.