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Cristiano Ronaldo is the highest paid football player in the world

According to Belgium magazine “Sport Foot Magazine” REAL MADRID player CRISTIANO RONALDO is the Highest Paid Football – Soccer Player in the World. Second placed is Manchester United player WAYNE ROONEY while this years FIFA Golden Ball winner LIONEL MESSI of FC Bareclona is in 3rd place.

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donb4929d ago

They earn to much. I red Beckhams contract -5 years- was worth US 250 000000$. 50 Million$ a year. More than close to 1 000 000 a week! Thats pretty strange. I doubt that the other guys earn more than that from their club. Maybe NIKE has payed Ronaldo a lot...

rDrkja4929d ago

Plus is this before or after Tax?

Maradona4928d ago

I dont know. But I really hope its before tax.
In Italy i think the clubs pay the palyers tax.