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Cristiano Ronaldo: Chelsea Not Among Champions League Favourites

There is more than 3 weeks to go before matches of the UEFA Champions League’s Last 16 stage take place. However, Cristiano Ronaldo has already analysed the competition in general in terms of the favourites.

In an interview with reporters, the Real Madrid star explained that the Blues cannot rank themselves alongside Barcelona or Manchester United in Europe. Cristiano Ronaldo declared:

“Chelsea? I don’t consider them as favourites because they’ve changed a lot.”

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zico4926d ago

We can not ignore Chelsea. Maybe they played the most convincing football in the start of the season. If they can hit back to this feeling I think Chelsea still must be regarded as one of the favorite

karim4926d ago

I have a feeling...With the guidance of Carlo (and the January Transfer Window) we will be (hopefully) back.

presto7174926d ago

Chelsea is not in the same category as Manchester United, Barca or Real Madrid. FACT. Chelsea have no tradition, no history, no nothing. Only Abramovich's money. I hope they keep going down and down until they drown in sorrow for all eternity.

freeduck4926d ago

I agree with presto.. If you give any club lots of money with a decent manager the club will be successful. However success does not mean integrity.

Mozilla894926d ago

Because Man U, Barca, and Madrid have a lot of integrity. Chelsea have a history too, sure they haven't been rich the whole time like the other clubs but guess what? You need lots of money to compete.

Fagerborgbk4925d ago

Has nothing to do with money. Chelsea is a club that has no soul, it's only money we are talking about when it comes to Chelsea. History is not in the club, same with Man City. That the two clubs should be supposed to be good, When it comes a little mafia money in, I can not understand people who hold with teams like this. good times supporters. hate them.

karim4925d ago

@presto717 We're MAKING history not reliving it,and for a fact Madrid and Barca are the biggest spenders in the world...Just look at the previous two season.
And don't think United aren't Spenders: Berbatov - Rooney - Anderson - Nani - Carrick - Hargreaves were all expensive buys..
Tradition = Stamford Bridge for 105 years.
And to others....I don't care about what you all think Win Or Lose Up The Blues unlike other "fans" who will leave their team if they aren't the same.

RedDevils4922d ago (Edited 4922d ago )

LOL it's seem their lot of hate toward Chelsea

@Karim we might spend big, but we never buy 2 or 3 for over 25ml all at once in a single windows, we usually buy 1 big player in that single windows and not buy anyone else, and yet we spend on what we earned, in 1 year we earn on average of 100ml that how big our club is

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karim4926d ago

Last time I checked,Ronaldo should focus on his own team who were thrashed by Barca 5-0.

Maradona4926d ago

Agree. I thing Real will exit early. Chelsea got better opportunities. They havent showed any weakness in CL so far.

Mendieta4926d ago

Maradona! If you follow a bit of Spanish football, so you can see that real madrid is one of the major contenders. I imagine that the only thing you pay attention to the PL. open your eyes

Gamester1014925d ago


A weak point considering the Premier League is easily the strongest league in Europe.

Mendieta4925d ago


if you look at the European league in recent years, who is it who have been superior, and in the champions league. Stop saying that the PL is the best, for it is not.

Rockstar_Panda4926d ago

Don't ignore Chelsea, also because if they see they can't do much for Premier League they will put all efforts on Champions League.

sokrates4926d ago

As long as possible, I will always ignore Chelsea!

karim4926d ago

You always ignore Chelsea even when we won the double :P

KingsCross4926d ago

You are just an ignorant United fan. Open up your eyes!

zico4926d ago

"can`t do much for PL" - If they can`t win (and I think it`s already to far up) they have to fight for the 4th place if they want to play CL next year. And if they don`t qualify for CL the best players will not come to the club.

And I think it`s important to have both EPL and CL and FA-cup to fight for. These players are used to play 2 or 3 important matches a week.

karim4926d ago

Suarez is (reportedly) coming to Liverpool and they don't play in the CL.

zico4926d ago

I know, and I`m lucky he choose us.

I think Daglish, the fans and the clubs history makes it easier for Liverpool to get good players to the club.

Mendieta4926d ago

What is chelsea! A club with no history and no soul. Only a rich uncle who can buy their way to nothing.

Maradona4925d ago

come on guys, this is immature discussion...

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