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Ronaldo roars back at Balotelli

Cristiano Ronaldo has told outspoken Manchester City striker Mario Balotelli to talk less and concentrate on his football.

Italian international Balotelli has been at the centre of a number of controversies since joining City from Inter Milan last summer and recently made headlines by taking a swipe at Manchester United's Wayne Rooney.

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karim4178d ago

"Cristiano Ronaldo has told outspoken Manchester City striker Mario Balotelli to talk less and concentrate on his football"

Kinda Ironic...since he JUST said who are the CL favourites and said Real would "definitely" beat Barcelona in the El Classico (which they were thrased) and last season,he said that the Lyon game (in the CL) would be "very easy" which they drew and got kicked out of the CL in the last 16..

kulka4178d ago

could not agree more Ronaldo speaks too much no point to criticize other team just look at yourself and improve bevause so far Real are not good enough to win the CL

RGB4178d ago

Lets remember Real finished with 16 points out of 18 in the group of death. 20 European cups between Milan, Ajax and Real. 16 from 18 is the best this campaign. 5 wins and a draw. Much better than the competition which had much easier groups I.E. Barca, Chelsea and Manchester United.

karim4178d ago

@RGB In the group of death...Ajax were not the usual Ajax...Auxerre not good anough and Milan are the only decent side..But they were convincing.

zootang4177d ago (Edited 4177d ago )

Ronaldo has enough experience in football to say what he likes. What has balotelli ever done? You would be foolish not to respect Ronaldo's words.

no_more_heroes4178d ago

an example of the pot calling the kettle black

KingsCross4178d ago

LOL! Ronaldo is agreat player. But dont you dear to accuse him for being smart...

rDrkja4178d ago

It's better to talk about other teams rather than Individuals.
Balotelli has been smack talking individuals a lot recently.

I don't think Ronaldo has been doing that..

no_more_heroes4178d ago (Edited 4178d ago )

he does have a point, though. Actions speak louder than words.

ultramoot4177d ago

This just might change my view of Cristiano. I've never really liked him, but I like Balotelli even less. So I'm starting to like this side of Cristiano - the side who shows that he has the balls on and off the pitch while still keeping it "professional".