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Ajax want 'absurd' Suarez fee

Frank de Boer has insisted Ajax should only consider an "absurd" offer for Liverpool target Luis Suarez.

Reports in England have intensified in recent days with the Daily Mail going as far as claiming a move to Anfield could be imminent.

De Boer has already suggested that it would take a 'super club' to land him, but now he has insisted that only huge money would be enough.

"We know how important Luis is for Ajax," he told De Telegraaf.

"Only when an absurd amount is on the table should we let him go."

When quizzed about how much it might take, it was noted that Edin Dzeko went for around 30million euros, and he hinted that would be about the price they are looking for.

"That is a tidy sum," he said.

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KingsCross3690d ago

I guess Liverpool will pay what they think he is worth. He must show that he will do sucsess in a bigger league than the deutch. Liverpool has paid to much for so many players that didnt sucseed in England. Now they need to be smarter and invest more secure!

kulka3690d ago

Agree we overpaid before we were bad in the market thats the reason for the decline in recent years we must sign well and quick wse need to rescue this season

RedDevils3690d ago

they probably asking for 40ml range for his service, if not then no sale

The Hunter3690d ago (Edited 3690d ago )

15 million euro is to less for Suarez.. Look at his World Cup and Champions League carreer, he is more worth.. So I disagree with KingsCross, he didnt only act in the Dutch league but also the other Huge competitions were he have a great record..

25 million euro MINIMUM!

KingsCross3690d ago

You have the right to disagree. I still think its a tough descision for Liverpool, simply because the deutch league isnt that good- and thats were he plays 90% of the matches. I would be more confident on a high transfer fee if he did well in Spain or england before. And, for Liverpools case: They can not afford to gamble any more.

I 1 point we agree: Suarez has until now showed that he is an excellent striker: for his club and his national team.

sokrates3690d ago

I agree with Kingscross. Liverpool has done to many high cost transfers that didnt pay back.

Hunter, do you remember blast time Liverpool paid a lot for a player from Ajax?
BABEL!!! LOL- he was a star in Ajax and expensive. Never the less useless in Liverpool and the premier league:)

KingsCross3690d ago

A new "Babel" sign on will blow out the Kops. They will simply not accept it.

RedDevils3690d ago

well Babel probably a player that doesn't fit to Liverpool style, maybe Arsenal would be better for him

karim3690d ago

I value him at 25M Pound.

Theo11303690d ago

Radamel Falcao Garcia is better

Senden3690d ago

20m + Babel would be a fair deal. 30m+ is stupid for a player unproven in the most difficult league in the world. Good job lpool don't have any Ghana players in their team lol.

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