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Ajax Wonderkid Christian Eriksen Not Interested In Milan Move

Ajax starlet Christian Eriksen has made it clear that he's feeling very well in Amsterdam and that he's not interested in joining Milan at this stage of his career.

Recent reports from The Netherlands suggested that Milan were preparing an €11 million offer for the Denmark international, but the Rossoneri can spare themselves the effort.

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The Hunter4180d ago

Lol, he signed this summer his contract, he stay at Ajax..

RedDevils4179d ago

lol true, what with this stupid rumors, Ajax won't sold their stars that quick, he just make the first team appearance this Jan

FootballZilla4180d ago (Edited 4180d ago )

how did this get to 160 in like 1minute this is strange you submisson heat rise to quick :/

The Hunter4180d ago

Why you always complaining about this! I said you earlier how the heat works.. Take it or leave it! If you comment again the heat will raise up again, so you make it worser for yourself, because you dont like hot stories? Only thinking of yourself..

And you undue about 1 minute, WTF!?

FootballZilla4180d ago

i dont like hot stories :/, i comment on everyone stories not like you my friend and i know the heat rises by hits or comments ect but your stories just jump randomly like the one you have about the rating with no comment how did that get more than 100heat.
Start commenting on other peoples stories aswell.

The Hunter4180d ago (Edited 4180d ago )

What? Are you accuse me now?? Look over here and you see that I comment on other stories..

And wait, the last time I see you always comment on your own story! So, first look at yourself!

and many more.. So dont accuse me please..

EDIT: I dont know how you got 6 bubbles, with this off-topic nonsess, you started..