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Chelsea FC 2-1 Arsenal Match Highlights (FA Youth Cup 20/1/2011)

0-1 B.Clifford O.W 2'
1-1 M.Lalkovic 50'
2-1 M.Lalkovic 91'

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karim4177d ago

Great spirit by the young boys to come back and win the game.
Lalkovic = Class.

RedDevils4176d ago

did you watch Arsenal got trashed by Aston Villa reserve 10-1 lol anyway great game by the Chelsea youth

karim4176d ago

Yeah It was very funny since they say they make the best youth in the world :P and thanks even though Chelsea could have thrashed them.

xtremegamerage4176d ago

Arsenal went to sleep.

But i do like the look of lalkovic, second chelsea goal was nice.