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Yin and yang of Manchester

You learned a lot about two EPL teams in Manchester this weekend. One of them dismantled its opponent with ruthless finishing. The other engaged in an exercise in futility. One of them showed verve and creativity. The other looked like a lackluster rat in a science experiment -- no matter how many times it got electro-shocked, it kept going back for more.

Espn speaking, of course, about Manchester United and Manchester City.

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sokrates4324d ago

Both are excellent. 1 plays for the wrong team:) How could Tevez be happy in City? He cant! And he is not!

Maradona4324d ago

All Tevez do and goals he make is idividual talent. And Berbatov got a good team playing together and make him that good. He is great in finishing his chances, and often it becomes a goal. But you can see when united plays away, Berbatov almost never scores. Thats because united are much more defensive, and he dont get any help. Often it is the midfielders who make the goals away.

zico4324d ago

If Tevez had not gone to City, had Berbatov not got the chance at United as he has gotten this season without Tevez as a "rival".
Small coincidences from failure to success.

KingsCross4324d ago

I dont care about even City or United stars. They are bought expensive, and its their obligation to score. Clubs without either guts or glory. Just money!

ad4mb4324d ago

If you dont care about them why do you comment on them? you obviously do care

KingsCross4324d ago

Did I hear somebody crying for not beeing interested in a club who buys themselves into sucsess... or that the players they buy expensive actually scores...

ohahCantona4324d ago

@KingCross: You can not compare the two clubs in their way to build up the clubs! United is not a "buying team" that City has become. Sir Alex has managed to build a club for a long time and also had/have several talents from own production.

Every big clubs buy qualityplayers to to reinforce the squads, some spend billions of money (like City), some spend moderate. If you tell us that United had spend billions of money to build up the club to become maybe the best and most popular club in the world, you have been sleeping the last 10years.