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Harry won't let Woody go

Tottenham boss Harry Redknapp has confirmed that there is no chance of Jonathan Woodgate joining rivals Arsenal this month.


According to, Arsène Wenger is NOT trying to sign Jonathan Woodgate. (link in alt sources)

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KingsCross3759d ago

Last thing spurs should do now is selling players. They will get a lot of offers, since their players are doing well. But Redknapp is not stupid, He is taking Tottenham further. That meens succes and money.

GJ233759d ago

Especially after waiting so long to get into the top 4. Selling their players would see the team reduced to the average one it used to be

Newfw3759d ago

I Agree. They are doing good right now with the current squad and there is no reason to change that.

GJ233759d ago

I do think they need better strikers. Crouch just isnt good enough for a champions league team

GJ233759d ago

Woodgate should stay loyal to the club. I think he'll have a large influence on the rest of tottenham's season

Newfw3758d ago

On the Arsenal side, Wenger claims he was never after Woodgate. either way, Harry is going nowhere.

GJ233758d ago

Makes sense. Woodgate wouldnt really suit arsenal's style of play.