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Keys and Gray dumped from Chelsea match

Sky Sports have dumped Andy Gray and Richard Keys from tonight's Monday Night Football show over their sexist comments about Premier League official Sian Massey.

The move is seen as a major punishment for the pair, who were recorded off-camera claiming that female officials "don't know the offside rule" and making derogatory remarks about West Ham's Karren Brady.

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no_more_heroes4324d ago

and this kind of thing is why female officials are more rare than a politician that answers a question.

sokrates4324d ago

Its ok to punish them. They did something they should not have said in their postion. Its lack of respect.

GJ234324d ago

Yeah. Would be good to have a match without them for a change. Might liven up sky's presentation of the match

GJ234323d ago

Does anyone else think that there was no real point releasing the audio? It was simply a bit of humour between the two which is now gonna get blown up out of proportion

GJ234324d ago

If they would have waited until she had made a mistake they may have gottan a few laughs. Joking about her after she did well is foolish.