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Forget Meireles… this is the goal of 2011!

At Molineux on Saturday we saw one of the Premier League goals of the season, and undoubtedly the best strike in English football in 2011. In a match in which Kenny Dalglish’s Liverpool defeated Wolves 3-0, the second goal saw Raul Meireles strike a ball that was dropping out of the sky and hit a stunning, dipping volley into the top corner.

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sokrates4169d ago

Yes it is! This is the goal of the decade!

no_more_heroes4169d ago

and the best part? Guarin's reaction!

GJ234169d ago

Yeah, even he cant believe he scored lol

no_more_heroes4169d ago

Porto are at least just as impressive as Barcelona this season, they're still undefeated (and not Man Utd undefeated, they only have two draws), they're perfect at home to Barca being perfect away and they're goals ratio is the same as Barca's at just under 6 goals scored for ever 1 conceded. With a seven point lead this late in the season, it wouldn't be a stretch to say that, save for a complete implosion, the title is going to Porto.

freeduck4169d ago

This wasnt as good as Meireles goal. Meireles scored a full volley, this one wasnt.
I believe Andrea Pirlo scored something like this a couple months ago

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