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Ajax Set To File Complaint Against Liverpool For Illegally Approaching Luis Suarez

According to a report in Voetbal International, Eredivisie giants Ajax are far from happy with Liverpool's attempts to lure Uruguay international Luis Suarez away from the Godenzonen and they're ready to file a complaint with FIFA against the Reds for illegally approaching Suarez.

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ultramoot3754d ago

Of course, it's from According to those guys, we would've sold Torres, Gerrard and Reina three times over during the last 18 months or so.

ultramoot3754d ago

This story has already been debunked by Ajax officials. But nice try,

The Hunter3754d ago

Ajax never debunked or announced this. And if you are confident, where is your source then?

The Hunter3753d ago (Edited 3753d ago )

I still dont see a Source.. What is SNN! Come on be clearer!

Oh you mean Sky Sports..

Where they say this is BS? Still they say "Ajax considering going to FIFA"

Mozilla893753d ago

Has Suarez come out and said whether he wants to play for Liverpool or not? If he does then this could cause some problems for Ajax.