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Real close on Adebayor

Jose Mourinho has expressed his wish for a new striker in the January transfer window, but Real's bid for former striker Ruud van Nistelrooy has been rejected by Hamburg.

The Dutchman has voiced his displeasure at being refused a move back to the Santiago Bernabeu but that looks to have firmly opened the door for the Togolese star.

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zico4176d ago

Why are not Liverpool more interesting? He is the striker they need!

ohahCantona4176d ago

Real make a wise choice if they get Adebayor. In my opinion he is a much better striker than van Nistelrooy (who is over the top), and he has not had the opportunity to show his potential in City.

GJ234176d ago

Nistelrooy is too old now. Couldnt cope with the speed of real madrid

GJ234176d ago

Dont see why real would go for Adebayor. They could afford a much better player