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Adebayor Moves To Madrid

Real Madrid C. F. and Manchester City FC have reached a deal that will see Emmanuel Adebayor play on loan for the former club.

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Denny_David4173d ago

YESSSSSSSSS !! what he i want to see those catalns get past us !!

FootballZilla4173d ago

Tbh not big diffrence between benzema and adebayor but its allways better to have one more striker

GJ234173d ago

Benzema seems to respect the game more though. Less complaining / stupidity i.e. adebayor running all the way across the pitch to piss off his old supporters

sokrates4173d ago

Trouble maker. The end.

GJ234173d ago

He will clash with Ronaldo big time

no_more_heroes4173d ago

and one hell of a diva, that's why we sold him. When he's on, he's ON, but when he's not...

GJ234173d ago

Didn't see this one coming. Hopefully that will free up benzema to join a club where he will be respected

Mozilla894173d ago

Well the good thing about Mourinho is that he's a good man manager. If anyone can get Adebayor to buy into the team concept for the next 6 months it's him.

RGB4173d ago (Edited 4173d ago )

I support Real and this loan deal is just fail for me. Never liked Adebayor since he first stepped in the English game. Nothing special about him, hasn't proven himself at all and too over his own head. I remember when the c0cky b!tch said to a Arsenal member of staff who had been working at the club for decades, quote "If we win the league you have to retire." get the fu(k out you piece of trash and oh they didn't win obviously. No respect for him what so ever and if Real even think on a full time deal I'll go ape-sh!t!.