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Maradona3960d ago

nothing to do with that team...
I dont like it.

Sean10803960d ago

You don't like what? That Manchester United won and that we're better than any other tem in he league or what?

Maradona3959d ago

Yes Sean. Thats just what i mean. But its a compliment to united and Ferguson.

sokrates3960d ago

Thats United! They just deliver! Opposite from Chelsea who just talks!
Glory, Glory Man United- marching to the title!

karim3959d ago

How come you enter Chelsea in EVERY story you comment in ?

GJ233960d ago

This match really showed both halves of man united's season. Abysmal in the first half, Domination in the second. Really showed tenacity, resiliance and passion to come back. Incredible game

no_more_heroes3960d ago

that's one thing I definitely give Man Utd credit for, they never give up.

crazyturkey3960d ago

Great comeback again by United.

presto7173960d ago

That is why we are the f**king absolute BEST!!!!!!


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The story is too old to be commented.