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New clip leaves Richard Keys in firing line

Following Sky Sports' decision to sack Andy Gray, the position of his fellow presenter, Richard Keys, is under increasing doubt after the emergence of more shocking off-air footage. The video can be viewed below, but users should be aware that the sexist content may offend.

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zico4171d ago

It is just innocent boy chat....

Maradona4170d ago

Yes come on...Cant fire anyone because of that.

GJ234170d ago

Shame that he's gone. Ridiculous what can start a controversy these days

KazumaKiryu4170d ago

Deserves it for calling rafa a fat spanish waiter. stupid twat.

ad4mb4170d ago

he is a fat spanish waiter though, lol. Worst manager ever. was sad to see him leave liverpool...

KazumaKiryu4170d ago

How was he the worst manager ever? Even worse than hodgson?

ad4mb4170d ago

hodgson was given rafas mess which was never going to be cleaned up straight away

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