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Liverpool target Luis Suarez keen to convince Ajax to reduce their £30m asking price

Luis Suarez is expected to hold talks with Ajax in the next 48 hours in an attempt to convince the Dutch side to reduce their £30 million asking price and let the Uruguayan striker join Liverpool.

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Maradona4177d ago

Ajax must see that they cant take that much money for him.

The Hunter4177d ago (Edited 4177d ago )

Yes they can!

- 81 goals in 108 matches for Ajax.. (with a lot of Assists)
- Suarez was the man who helped Uruguay to reach the third place on the World Cup..
- Suarez was also importent in the (Qualifying) Champions League matches for Ajax..

€30 mil or Liverpool should f*ck off! They must bring respect to their bid's!

zico4177d ago

"Helped Uruguay to reach third place in WC" with his hand against Ghana....

He is good but 30mil is still to much. But Liverpool will pay 30mil because they need him.

Daglish know what he does!

Maradona4177d ago

Does not matter, he is not worth more than that.
He has made it good in the Dutch league yes, but cant demand that much money. There is many players from wc who is atleast as good as Suarez, who is worth less than that. Ajax destroys european football economy by acting like this.

freeduck4177d ago

You do realize he is in a Dutch league. Maybe if he was in La Liga or Premier League he would be worth 30 mil, but in the Dutch league is different. Look at Kuyt, scored a lot for his Dutch club but he doesn't score many goals for Liverpool. Ajax is just being greedy. Suarez knows this. He will never reach his full potential unless he moves

Yi-Long4177d ago (Edited 4177d ago )

... and he absolutely IS worth 30 million euro, as far as I'm concerned.

First of all, the goals he scored last season... he's a player who's at his best as a central striker, but most of the season last year, he played off the right wing. It wasn't even his best position, and he actually wasn't even in his very best form (he was scoring even easier when Pantelic wasn't playing in that central position yet).

He works very hard, he's got lots of assists, he creates chances and goals out of nothing, and he's just an amazing player.

I don't know how much you guys would rate Rooney or some of the other top players, but when you see how much money is being paid for mediocre english players like Bent and such, Suarez is easily twice as good as those players. What has Rooney really done the last few years? Where has he really made that step from being 'talented' towards 'world class'!? Has Van Persie REALLY made that step yet, from being a consistent class player!?

Also, about the Dutch league somehow being less than the Spanish League or the Italian league... it's just crazy. Just look at how many fantastic players the Dutch Eredivisie brought forward who also performed without problems in the higher leagues? Now look at how many Italian players or Spanish players did the same when they came from their league?

Suarez is easily worth 30 million bucks, especially compared to the amount of money that is being spent on players who aren't even as good as him.

If you could choose between Suarez, Kaka, Ribery, etc etc... many of those big names are better known and valued, but I'd pick Suarez over any of those any day of the week.

Liverpool should just buy him, give him a big contract, and he'll earn back that money for them in T-shirt sales alone.

Yi-Long4177d ago

... Kuyt always played as a central striker here in Holland, and always scored his goals. In England, he's playing more as an attacking right-midfielder.

Put Kuyt more upfront next to Torres or around him, and he'll score at least 15-20 goals a season for you, IF Liverpool had a decent midfield with some creative players and people on the flanks who would get a couple of crosses in every match.

The way Liverpool have been playing the last couple of years, with basically Torres up front alone, and the rest of the team a bit too far back, it's not a system that's going to 'feed' the strikers with a lot of chances, and with Kuyt mostly playing around the right-middle of the pitch, he isn't going to be scoring a lot of goals.

Same goes for Kalou at Chelsea btw. He's an excellent striker who scores easily, but he's mainly used as an attacking midfielder coming from the sides... which is far from his best position, but because he's an excellent player and hardly ever loses the ball or does anything stupid, he can fill that position very well...

Kalou is seriously underrated btw. He's too modest for his own good. Sadly.

freeduck4176d ago


There is no doubt that Suarez is a fantastic striker. That's the reason why all Liverpool fans want him really bad. However, 30 million is a pretty steep price. I will say that the 12 million bid from us was pretty lame, but Suarez really isn't worth more than 20 million. Simply because he hasn't been proven to be worth 30 million. Yes, he scored lots of goals in the Dutch league but that still doesn't prove anything that he is worth that much. The only way he would be worth 30 million if he came from a top European club (I'm talking manU, Barca, Madrid, Inter, AC milan, etc etc). No Dutch club is considered world-class at the moment and a lot of the value a player gets come from the player's club. That's why you don't see a premier league team pay 10 million for some striker who scored 30 goals in l 3 divisons lower. That player can be fantastic, but if his background club sucks then you have to be smart on how much money you should spend on it.

In comparison to Suarez..
Ruud van Nistelroy was sold for 20 million to ManU, who was a better player than Suarez can be.
Van Persie was sold for 5 million.

David Villa (who is much better striker and better partner for Torres) was sold for 26 million.
So 30 million is a pretty steep price.
I do agree that Bent for 26 million was a ridiculous amount.

About Kuyt, in the 2006-2007 season he was used as a central striker I believe, and didn't score enough. This was the season before Torres and after the Champions League rafa decided that Kuyt wasn't good enough to be a striker. We had decent midfielders that season as well.

Yi-Long4176d ago (Edited 4176d ago )

... Villa was signed by Barca for 40 million euro.

- Van Nistelrooy was just coming back from TWO career-risking knee-injuries.

- Suarez is still younger than VN was.

- Suarez still has a contract for at least two more seasons at Ajax.

- Van Persie was an unhappy young player at Feyenoord who wasn't wanted anymore because of disciplinary problems, and who wasn't even starting regularly, hence the low transfer-cost.

- Put Kuyt in any team in the PL that plays offensive football in the strikers position (either 1 striker or alongside another striker, and he'll score at least 15-20 goals for you.

30 million absolutely isn't too much to ask for a player like Suarez. If Liverpool doesn't want to pay the money, then Ajax should just keep him.

Suarez will probably make the difference between qualifying for the CL or not, which could also cost Ajax millions. Plus, if Suarez plays another half season, both in the Eredivisie as well as in Europe in the Euro League, his price will only go up more.

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ultramoot4176d ago (Edited 4176d ago )

Ajax must be on crack if they think people will pay £30m for this guy. If he was worth that much, we'll surely see other clubs bidding for him. Spurs did at first but laughed off at the ridiculous valuation.

Ajax needs the money more than Liverpool needs Suarez. With the player already unsettled, they're gonna be forced to sell him for less than £20m in the summer anyway.

Again, he is NOT worth £30m and nobody is ever gonna pay that much for him.