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Melbourne Victory captain Kevin Muscat regrets horror A-League tackle

As Melbourne Victory captain Kevin Muscat faces universal condemnation and perhaps a career-ending suspension over arguably the worst tackle in A-League history, his victim Adrian Zahra is expected to be fit to start next season though he faces several months on the sidelines.

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Maradona4332d ago

Why did he do it. He could easy reach the ball in that situation.

TheJack4331d ago (Edited 4331d ago )

His reaction after he got the card is funny. Me?! What did I do?!lol Worst tackl I've seen in a long time.

zico4331d ago

stupid/ridiculous reaction!

zico4331d ago

I don`t like to see situations like this. Hope he get banned from the football field for a long time! We don`t need players like this.

Sahil4331d ago

When he was in the air, legs rolling I thought.. something bad's gonna happen.. thank god!

no_more_heroes4331d ago

you've GOT to be kidding me...

What the hell was THAT?!