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Madrid’s Signing Of Adebayor Will Please Jose Mourinho, Who Must Now Get On With His Job

After a tense four-way mini soap opera involving Mourinho, Valdano, Van Nistelrooy and Hamburg, Real Madrid put their drawn-out striker search debacle to bed when they completed the loan signing of Emmanuel Adebayor from Manchester City.

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hendrikmaster4135d ago

adebayor is exactly what jose mourinho needs, seeing as Higuain is injured and benzema not very reliable. what they really needed was top class striker.

sokrates4135d ago

He might change his maing when Adebayor starts taking the Real players out on Madrids nightlife and partyinG!

GJ234135d ago

Haha yeah, Ronaldo might get jealous of him getting all the attention as well

ohahCantona4135d ago

Benzema are progressing. He was good last match, and I think he will be good and important for Real out rest of the season.

But still benzema in better shape Adebayor was an important sign. And Mourinho will not let him PARTYING in Madrid. He will make him to the player he was under Wengers management. And then Barca and every team in Europe will shake...

GJ234135d ago

Adebayor is a much better signing that van nistelrooy would have been. Good to see how he'll fit in