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Highlights: Liverpool 1-0 Fulham, English Premier League 26.01.11

1-0 52` Pantsil (og)

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Maradona4178d ago

Well deserved victory for Liverpool.

GJ234178d ago

Very lucky by liverpool

zico4177d ago

haha, coming form a United supporter who has been lucky the last 2 month!

Well done Liverpool. 7th place and hopefully Europe League next year.

GJ234177d ago

Did you even see the game? Fulham were great after liverpool got the goal. Hangeland and Dembele both should have scored. Liverpool were hanging on by a thread

KazumaKiryu4177d ago

They weren't great. If they were they would have scored.

Liverpool were getting more and more nervous after scoring but they worked hard and held out, so well done. If hodgson was still here we would have capitulated and ended up losing 1-2.

King Kenny is having a great effect on the team.

zico4177d ago

@KazumaKiryu: Agree with you. The players and club needed this victory so desperately, therefor I think they were getting more nervous in the end of 2nd half. They have been unlucky the hole season and needed this 3 points at home.

kulka4177d ago

Victory well deserved good start for Daglish

ultramoot4177d ago

We should've given them Konchesky as a consolation prize.

rafay4177d ago

This might just be the scrappiest goal of the EPL season. Nevertheless, good to see Liverpool up to seventh.

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