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Lionel Messi Fined for Happy Birthday Shirt

That happy birthday message to mom got Messi a fine from the Royal Spanish Football Federation and a yellow card, according to the AP

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KazumaKiryu3958d ago

What is this nonsense? I don't understand how this could be damaging to anyone involved in the game so why fine him and give him a yellow card.

GJ233958d ago

Just terrible. Booked for celebrating etc is just ridiculous. Players should be allowed to celebrate how they want

karim3958d ago

What this has sport came to ??
Getting booked for celebrating with the fans/taking off your shirt.
AND NOW fined 4K (that's nothing for Messi) for showing on his shirt "Happy Birthday Mommy" ridiculous.

zico3958d ago

This is ridiculous! Let them celebrate how they wanted!

I understood Fowler got fined after sniffing the chalk mark on the field, but having "happy birthday Mum" on the shirt.....

Maradona3958d ago

this must be changed. Happy football players get yellow and red cards for this is not good. I think they gonna change it. Even the referees dont like it.

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