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Sacked Gray set to sue Sky for £3million

Dumped football pundit Andy Gray has launched legal proceedings against Sky Sports over his sacking – and wants a £3million payout.

The 55-year-old, who was sacked on Tuesday following his sexist comments and actions on leaked videos, spent yesterday with his lawyers discussing plans to try to sue Sky for unfair dismissal.

Sources close to Gray also revealed yesterday that he found out he was being sacked “just minutes” before the news was released to the media.

The former Everton striker is said to want £3million for the remainder of his contract with Sky, which is worth £1.7million-a-year.

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KazumaKiryu4331d ago

Haha this is great entertainment. So glad he got sacked. All those years slating Rafa finally came back to bite him on his arse. Job centre's that way ->


GJ234331d ago

He'll cue up in the job centre just behind benitez.

In all fairness in the last two years Rafa deserved it

KazumaKiryu4330d ago

Nah it'll be easy for them both to get a job.

Why does Rafa deserve it?

ad4mb4330d ago

cause he was crap lol.

KazumaKiryu4330d ago

lol yeh so crap that he managed to clear your stadium with twenty minutes left still to play ;)

rafay4331d ago

Loved this guy! He insulted anyone and everyone... but still great commentator. But god what he did was stupid.

GJ234331d ago

Doubt he deserves £3 million. Should get something though after the way he was treated

rafay4330d ago

He'll be back. With another channel. Maybe he'll come on ESPN here in Asia!!! :D