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Liverpool reject Blues bid for Torres

Liverpool have confirmed that they have rejected an offer from Chelsea for their star striker Fernando Torres.

Torres is known to have long been a target for Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich but his attempt to recruit the World Cup winner in January has failed after Liverpool stated their intent to retain Torres' services.

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ultramoot4171d ago

Desperate times calls for desperate measures, Roman? What with the rejected bid for Aguero and all....LMAO!

rafay4171d ago

I think he'll bid for Bendtner right about now..

Mozilla894171d ago

Haha, I was wondering how long it would take for this to show up. I doubt it will happen right now. Maybe in the summer, it's not like Liverpool are going to be in the Champions League till 12/13 season at the earliest so he might want to leave.

rafay4171d ago

Aguero should be higher on the priority list than him.. more potential.

crazyturkey4171d ago (Edited 4171d ago )

I doubt the transfer will happen. Liverpool are trying to get people in the squad not out, specially not one of their two biggest stars.

no_more_heroes4171d ago

what I want to know is how much they bid, because it would've had to have been a LOT, and I'd be a bit surprised they'd want to spend any large amounts of money now, given the new financial rules to come into play next season.

Mozilla894171d ago

Word out there is they bid 35-40 million pounds. I think there are two ways of looking at this.

A. They've received some positive signs from the Torres camp and went ahead to place a bid. Either to get him now or to lay down a marker for the summer. Liverpool aren't getting into the Champions League anytime soon and Torres is in his prime.

B. Roman is submitting bids that are going to be turned down to regain some support from the fans that he's lost recently with his meddling and failing to fund adequate replacements after the summer clear out.

ultramoot4171d ago

I'd say option B. Because Torres has said time and time again that he wants to stay at Liverpool. It is clear that he loves the club, and I doubt he'd go directly to a rival club at a time when Liverpool needs him the most.

Maradona4170d ago

Ajax say they want 35 mill pounds for suarez. Then Torres must be worth 70 mill.