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Official: Reds agree Suarez deal

Liverpool Football Club announced this afternoon that they had agreed a fee of up to 26.5million Euros with Ajax for the transfer of Luis Suarez, subject to the completion of a medical.

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Newfw4167d ago

This is a brief report of the deal, on LFC official website.

The Hunter4167d ago (Edited 4167d ago )

Arggghhhh!!! This made me really sad :(

But on the other side, we dont want onmotived player at Ajax Amsterdam, so it is better he will leave the club, we got our successor soon!

Good luck Suarez, I will follow you close!

no_more_heroes4167d ago

Finally Liverpool have a good strike partner for Torres.

Newfw4167d ago

Yes, finally.. I always felt that he is responsible for the team's progress and its winnings; now he has someone to share the responsibility with. Interesting partnership.
But of course, that is only if Torres stays.

rafay4167d ago

I really really think Torres will leave within this transfer window.

karim4167d ago

26.5M is an awfully high ammount for a goalkeeper !
Can't wait to see Suarez face Gyan :P
Welcome to Chelsea Fernando :D

The Hunter4167d ago (Edited 4167d ago )

You will hate him or love him! He will always win a match and do everything what comes around in his head! From biting to goalkeeping (LOL), never seen so driven player in a while.. Liverpool will get worth of his moneY! I am really sure..

Inside 2 and half years, he will be the EPL topgoalscorer.. Im really sure!

Newfw4167d ago

I agree. He has a scary goalscoring record at Ajax (according to Wikipedia: 81 goals in 108 matches) - impressive!
It is very interesting if he can keep this up in the EPL.

karim4167d ago

Agree,he will be key in the Liverpool squad.

rafay4167d ago

I agree with all that. But he will face a lot better quality of defenses here in the EPL.

The Hunter4167d ago (Edited 4167d ago )

I know, the quality of the EPL is higher then the Dutch League! But that doesnt change the fact, that he is a killer.. Every club has chances and Liverpool plays attacking football, so he have many tries to score a goal! He has always moments in the match that he face a one against one situation and then it is a killer!

But I end with the obvious: Time will tell ;)

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FootballZilla4167d ago

If i was Suarez in that WC match vs Ghana i would of DEFINATLY do the same thing as what he did

karim4167d ago

EVERYONE would have done the same thing,can't blame him.
He cheated and got punished,end of story.

rafay4167d ago

I don't mean to sound condescending, but I don't think a classy player would have. I can't really say for sure or have any evidence to prove it, but I'd like to think that someone like Messi won't.

kulka4167d ago

If we manage to hold on to Toress our attack will be as good as anyones now