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Highlights: Hercules 0-3 Barcelona (Spanish Primera Division - 29/01/2011)

0-1 P. Rodriguez 43'
0-2 L. Messi 87'
0-3 L. Messi 89'


The first goal is on the following link:

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no_more_heroes4164d ago

for the first time this season, Barcelona actually had to sweat to win.

MasterGuru4164d ago

Barca had to sweat to win? haha...

rafay4164d ago

Hercules didn't deserve to lose 3-0

MasterGuru4164d ago

True. Messi also didn't deserve two goals.

On his "off" day, he's still better than everyone else. Haha.

Btw, Messi has 164 official goals for Barcelona and is now their 4th highest goal scorer of all time. To think, this kid is only 23. If he keeps going at this rate, then, wow.

That's all I can say.

rafay4164d ago

On average he has scored 1 in 4 goals of all goals scored under Pep.