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Liverpool Negotiating With Chelsea Over £50m Fernando Torres Bid But Want Anelka Included In Deal

Liverpool have asked for Nicolas Anelka to be included in Chelsea's £50 million bid for Fernando Torres as a stunning deal before the transfer window closes grows more likely, UK can reveal.

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FootballZilla3723d ago

for me 50 million + Anelka, is too much for torres.

I think he is worth = 30-45million.

rafay3723d ago

And if they are giving Anelka too then not more than 30 million

no_more_heroes3723d ago

Torres is a brilliant player, no doubt, but like you guys said, £50m + Anelka != Torres, especially when Anelka himself would be worth £18m - £21m

rafay3723d ago

Anelka is not worth more than 10 mil

sokrates3723d ago

The 50 + anelka deal is just insane! Torres is good, but honestly, I think Anelka is better. Torres is not worth more than Suarez at the moment.

Senden3722d ago

40m + Anelka is a fair price. Anelka isn't worth more than 10 as he's getting old and especially this year, seems to be showing signs of age.

Besides if Villa can pay 23m or whatever for Bent and Spurs can offer 26m for Caroll, then Torres is certainly 50m.

crazyturkey3723d ago

Well a striker who may yet reach its full potential vs one that probably will only go down from now. 40million plus Anelka sounds fair to me, 50million not so much. I also feel that Chelsea and its fans may think that is too much also.

ultramoot3723d ago (Edited 3723d ago )

We do not want Anelka. Keep him. Just give us £55m and take Konchesky and Poulsen along too. Or else give us £35m and Essien.

zico3723d ago

50m + Essien!...and agree: We don`t want Anelka!

KingsCross3722d ago

Thats good. I think Chelsea needs Anelka. And Torres! I dont think Liverpool will Torres let go anyway.

Mozilla893722d ago

I don't understand why some Chelsea fans are against selling Anelka. He's old, and doesn't have much value left! He'll probably be good for a year or two at the most and they he'll have almost zero value. This way you're getting more value for him and making the team younger at the same time.