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Fernando Torres Has Been Wanting To Leave Liverpool For Over A Year

Liverpool striker Fernando Torres has reportedly wanted to make a move to Chelsea for over a year.

The Reds recently rejected a bid from the west London club - thought to be in the region of £35 million - to acquire the services of the Spaniard. UK has since exclusively revealed that the Merseysiders have asked for Nicolas Anelka to be thrown in as part of a £50m move that would see the former Atletico Madrid man switch allegiances from Anfield to Stamford Bridge.

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karim3963d ago

Torres hasn't said anything so can't be trusted.

sokrates3963d ago

He doesnt say he want to stay either. I guess he wanted to leave, but now he changes his mind... New manager, Liverpool wins again- and Torres has started to score. Why leave for another club in crisis??

zico3962d ago

Chelseas crisis is over now. I think they are gonna bee hard the rest of the season. It`s not far up to United, and United are not playing well. Their luck soon has to turn...

And if Chelsea buys Torres then they have done a important deal.

KingPin3962d ago

"United are not playing well"

correction - united are not playing well for the first 45minz of the game.

in the last 45minz its like a different team comes out to play. i only worry if united are playing a top side like real Madrid or Barcelona- if they were to go 2 goals down in the first half, 2nd half wont be enough for a comeback.

zico3962d ago

Yes and as you says: When playing against the big clubs it`s not enough to only play well 2nd half! And ManU has showed some weaknesses not only in the FA cup but also in the league.

But they have a great skills: takeing 3 points, even on bad days.

karim3962d ago

It's a pointless comment coming from someone as biased as you.

ultramoot3963d ago

If he has been "wanting to leave for over a year", then why the f**k didn't he go at the start of the summer when there were a lot more clubs interested in signing him?

KingsCross3962d ago

Pretty sure its bullshit. He was begging to go to Liverpool. I dont think hes been wanting to leave, but I am pretty sure he has wanted Liverpool to buy some good players. He doesnt want to play in an average Liverpool, but a good!

Mozilla893962d ago

I think he wanted to go in the summer but Liverpool asked him to give them some time to buy new players and hire a new manager. So he agreed and gave them half a season and look where they are now...

karim3962d ago

I'll tell you what happened :
~Club came knocking
~He wanted to leave
~He even said to David Villa he's leaving
~He came back to Liverpool
~The board promised him with new "major" signings that proves they're still an ambitious club
~NOTHING new happened.
~And now he wants to leave
~Tomorrow he'll be convinced to stay.

sokrates3962d ago

Ok. Lets see if the master is right:)

KazumaKiryu3962d ago

That's pretty much correct mate. He wants to leave to win trophies or at least be able to challenge for them but he can see that Liverpool are a couple of seasons away from it. Although if he stays and we manage to get a CL spot then he may reconsider, hopefully.