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UK's Transfer Window LIVE! Follow all the latest breaking news, views and rumours as the January market reaches a crescendo with Premier League clubs all vying to make that signing that makes all the difference to their season...

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zico4167d ago

£30 million for Andy Carroll i to much!

sokrates4167d ago

Disagree. He is one of the best players in Pl at the moment. He would do well in any club. Compared to other players, he is worth that amount of money.

zico4167d ago

"at the moment".....but how long has he proved that he is a great player worth 30million? Scored 19 goals (or somethink like that) in PRIEMER SHIP last year, and has been good so far this season, but to much risk giving 30mil for!

rafay4167d ago

He's young and talented. Remember ManU paid about 26 million for Rooney not so long ago. Same scenario.

zico4167d ago (Edited 4167d ago )

Rooney had proved much longer his level in Everton before he left. But I hope I make mistake and he wil be a hit in Liverpool. Then it`s good deal, selling Torres 50m, buying Carroll 35mil and Suarez (I don`t remember how much)